media update’s Aisling McCarthy takes you back through some of our best PR content from 2018.

1. Six daily struggles of a PR professional

PR professionals always have to be at the top of their game, but it’s not an easy task at all.

media update takes a look at six of the struggles that anyone working in the PR industry has to deal with on a daily basis. Read it, and then thank you PR practitioner for everything they do!

TOP QUOTE: “If there is one industry that works to consistently provide on-point content for their clients and consumers, it’s PR. You thrive on tight deadlines, quick turnaround times and caffeine.”

2. 10 Do’s and don'ts of PR

A job in PR is anything but easy, but media update aims to make it just that much simpler for you. We put together a list of 10 do’s and don’t that will help to ensure that your job is nothing but smooth sailing.

TOP QUOTE: “Remember that your writing is a reflection of yourself – so if your press release is marred with errors, it could reflect poorly on you.”

3. Three reasons why artificial intelligence is a game changer for PR

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, it is creeping into almost every industry – and PR is no exception.

media update takes a look at what artificial intelligence is, and the three ways that it will revolutionise your PR career.

TOP QUOTE: “What comes along with these kinds of technological development is the expectation that businesses will quickly embrace and adapt to the new technologies being made available.The PR industry is no exception to this and, with the accessibility of these new advances, it won’t be long until your PR work experience gets a serious upgrade.”

4. Six signs a PR career is right for you

If you’re considering a job in the PR industry, there are a few things you might need to know before you make the leap.

media update identifies the six signs that PR is the perfect fit for you.

TOP QUOTE: “Although it isn’t as glamorous as it’s often thought to be, PR is a highly rewarding industry to be in. Wondering if you’re ready for that career move?”

5. 10 Simple steps for creating a great PR strategy

The new year is almost upon us, and that means new PR strategies for 2019. If you’re not 100% sure how to start putting your strategy together, media update has you covered.

We break it down into 10 simple steps that will help you put together the perfect PR strategy.

TOP QUOTE: “You, as a PR professional, can provide your clients with an ear closest to the consumer. Use that knowledge to support your clients’ product development and help them create offerings that will delight the marketplace.”

6. 10 Steps to getting your press release published   

Are you finding it hard to get your press releases noticed? Don’t panic – we can help!

media update takes you through 10 steps that will help you to get your PR content noticed – and published – by the media.

TOP QUOTE: “When putting together a press release, it is vital to consider who you are sending it to, and how you can make sure they read it – and publish it. Although you might already have a set formula for putting your press releases together, you might be falling into some of the traps that make journalists roll their eyes and press ‘delete’.”

7. The traditional press release: dead or alive?

The world has gone digital and attention spans are shrinking. So is there still value in the traditional press release?

media update explores the role of the press release in the digital era, and the changes PR professionals need to make in order to get the most exposure for their clients.

TOP QUOTE: “While almost everything about a day in the life of a PR professional has changed over the last few years, one thing hasn’t: the press release. So why is that?”

8. Five things every PR needs to hear today

PR professionals work long hours and think of their clients more than they think of themselves. While a job in PR is generally a thankless one, media update wants PR pros to know just how appreciated they are.

TOP QUOTE: “Working in the publicity sphere is not like a traditional desk job, with the hours varying based on what is happening. Those 2am calls to deal with a crisis are no joke, and your time is never your own in such a fast-paced environment.”

9. Five PR trends you need to know about

The world is always changing, and that means that PR professionals need to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay relevant.

media update looks at some of the trends in PR that everyone should take note of.

TOP QUOTE: “While people often find comfort in seeing a certain number of ‘likes’, page views and AVE, how exactly do you gauge growth in brand trust or awareness? This is where PR professionals have to draw the line between quantitative and qualitative measurement.”

10. Three things we’ve learned from 2018’s PR blunders

If you want to start 2019 on the right foot, why not learn from the mistakes of the past?

media update takes a look at some of 2018’s biggest PR blunders and what we can learn from them.

TOP QUOTE: “When it comes to adverts, companies need to consider how it would be received by a diverse audience. While a group of executives may not be offended, consider your consumers – particularly if your company has a global reach – and how they may perceive your adverts.”

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