In PR, image is everything! 

PR professionals will spend every waking moment obsessing over a brand's image and how to communicate effectively

People often forget that internal communication (IC) has just as much of an impact on your brand as external communication does. 

That is why Alrika Möller from media update reveals the importance of internal communication below. 

What is internal communication? 

IC is any and every form of communication that happens within a brand or company. 
It doesn't matter if it is an FYI e-mail or a long meeting that should have been an e-mail. 

Why is this important to PR? 

Internal communication will help with:

Reducing miscommunication
Naturally, brands want all employees and stakeholders to be on the same page regarding:
  • your brand 
  • what needs to be done, and 
  • what your brand stands for. 

Increasing employee engagement
The way a brand or company communicates with stakeholders is what keeps them engaged, loyal and motivated to stay with a company — and go the extra mile.

Managing crises
When something happens in a company, the gossip mill will be working overtime! You want all stakeholders to get the right information from the right sources to mitigate panic and crises within the company. 

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*Image courtesy of Canva