If you are anything like me, you are chronically on TikTok. I would say we should start a club, but the app already feels like the biggest club in the world

With all our constant scrolling, it is easy to believe that there are millions of videos being posted every day. 

Now, I am no math wiz, but if we multiply millions by the 365 days of 2023, we end up with an incredible amount of TikToks posted this year alone. 

Even a skilled scroller such as myself cannot watch every video posted on TikTok. That is why it is such a big deal if you have one of the most viewed videos of the year

Stop scrolling! media update's Alrika Möller is looking at the most viewed TikToks of 2023. Have you seen them all? 

Before I start counting down, I just want to put out a disclaimer that the Internet moves super fast. Numbers might change in the time it takes me to write this — or the time it takes you to read this. 

Okay, here we go! 

5. Selena Gomez's pre-flight skincare and make-up routine 

On Monday, 18 February, Selena posted a video of herself getting ready for a 06:00 flight. The video includes her skincare routine and a tiny amount of makeup. She ends this video by showing herself on the actual flight. 

The video is currently standing on 228.9 million views — and counting. 

Why did it get so many views? 

The first reason is that so many skincare experts and influencers stitched and duetted this video to review or talk about her routine. 

The second is because the TikTok girlies love a good skincare routine video

And the last reason is that she is Selena Gomez. 'Nough said!' 


4. @thezachchoic creating food ASMR

TikToker Zach Choi posted a video of him making fried chicken using potato chips as the crust

Right now, the number of views is 373.6 million. Side note — about 100 of those views were from me when I tried to make the recipe. It did not turn out like his. Moving on! 

The incredible amount of views is due to the fact that the video combines two of the Internet's favourite thingsfood and ASMR

ASMR videos remain popular as people find them relaxing, and it has been proven to calm anxiety

Choi built his entire platform on the idea of showing interesting recipes in a way that is pleasing to watch and listen to


3. @through.the.lleaves's big cat

Years ago, YouTube was the popular platform for video content, with one type of content being a universal favourite: the cat video

On Friday, 20 January, TikTok user Chas posted her version of the iconic cat video. She showcases her nine-month-old kitten. We are using the word kitten lightly here

The cat is massive. There is no other way to say it. It is a beautiful cat, but it is a massive cat

The video got viewed over and over again, with its current views coming in at 393.9 million

The secret to the high number of views is because it is something most people haven't seen before and it sparked great debate in the comments. Everyone had an opinion as to what kind of cat it was or how it got to be so big

Also, it is a cat video and cat videos will always reign supreme


2. @Justinflom fixing a broken light

When a light breaks, most of us just replace it, right? Not Justin Flom! 

This TikToker took a broken light as an opportunity to give his ceiling a bit of a makeover

With the use of six layers of spray paint, some very specific stencils and an arc reactor light, Flom managed to make an Ironman ceiling light

While the light itself is not the brightest ceiling light you will ever see, there is no denying that the end result looks really cool

In fact, it looks so cool that 418 million people watched the video of him and his DIY project

One of the main reasons why video content is so popular is because people enjoy watching other people do or create cool things. This video proves that. 

People loved the creativity of the project, as well as the fact that it is Ironman. And let's be honest: Everyone loves Ironman


1. @dollievision showing off a simple makeup routine

The most-watched TikTok video of 2023 is a simple and stunning makeup routine video made by the beauty influencer Nyadollie

The beauty influencer posted this video on Wednesday, 8 March. Since its day of release, the video received a whopping 504.5 million views

For those who didn't know, that is a huge number of views

We all know that makeup tutorials are a big part of TikTok, and there are a great many creators who built their platform and following by showcasing makeup tips and secrets.

But why did this video, in particular, get so many views

Over the last year, the beauty industry started celebrating different skin tones more and more by creating more inclusive products and highlighting influencers of all skin colours

With this move for diversity within the TikTok beauty community, Nyadollie's beauty and talent made her an instant sensation. She truly can give the best of the best a lesson on how it's done. 


The top five most viewed TikToks of 2023 showcase the many different avenues and interests of people on the Internet. 

We cannot wait to see what people will post in 2024! 

The world of social media changes constantly. What type of social content would you like to see from us next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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