Ah, how we love social media!

But have we comprehended just how much it has altered our way of living?

To kick us off on this journey, here are some ways that social media has impacted how we do things:

The positives

Human connections are strengthened
Humans desire connection with each other, and these platforms are an extension of this. They allow us to form connections and relationships with others in ways that we couldn't before.

Our work environment is improved
These platforms are significantly useful in business. Whether it's to market a company, recruit professionals, build brands, or engage with communities — social has streamlined processes to make this environment better overall.

Every voice is amplified
The media industry is in a whole new ballgame, as every person now has a voice online. The creator economy at large has seen an increase in diversity, inclusivity and content that would have otherwise been limited or unknown prior.

The negatives

Nothing is without fault — even social media. It can lead to over-usage, cyberbullying and the spread of false information. Privacy matters also come into play.

However, laws such as the POPI Act and social auditing tools have combated most concerns effectively.

Have you seen any other ways that social media has impacted our society? Let us know in the comments section.

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